Robert Bossaert
Robert Bossaert


My name is Robert Bossaert. A web developer from The Netherlands, Utrecht. I work for a company called Yard Digital Agency.

I have been building websites and applications professionally for about 9 years and I have had the pleasure to work with a wide range of clients, from small to large companies and from non profit to commercial. The projects I work on vary from websites to mobile apps and other applications.

I have experience with

HTML, CSS, Sass, Javascript, React (Native), Vue, Angular, Module bundlers (Webpack, Gulp), Git, Wordpress, Node, PHP (Laravel), Python, SQL, REST API's en GraphQL.


In my spare time I try to broaden my knowledge by experimenting with new techniques. You can find my personal projects here and my open source projects on Github.

This website is built with

  1. 11ty - Static site generator
  2. This website is hosted on and deployed using Netlify.